At Aarsa we take safety as our utmost responsibility. Our founder Mr Mitesh Joshi has conducted various lectures on awareness and management of Chlorine. He has coached MIDC, BMC and other government employees in Chlorine management and water purification solutions.

He propagates constant training and development of his team. He believes a self-motivated team whose members enjoy independence with responsibilities is the key to any organisation’s success.

Our Core Values

Absolute Integrity: Doing what we said we will do , doing as it was meant to be done and doing it on time .

Agility : Speedy, responsive and proactive, achieved through empowering employees.

Respect and Trust : Faith and belief in our strengths and our customers.

Synergy : Excellence through teamwork, within employees and partners and bettering standards continuously, with Passion and Pride

Awareness : Being concerned about the well being of all employees, Customers , Vendors and our community