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The handle is smaller meaning you need to exert more grip to prevent the launcher from following the ball on release. For some owners the soft launcher reduces the torque on the ball, reducing the launch distance. I think this is due to the launch style and not necessarily the design. The Hyper Pet Throw-n-Go is designed for outdoor daytime play.Personally, I’m not a big fan of this launcher.

I bought Nylabones for my dogs, They each took one and went in three different directions. It was years before they slowly surfaced without a single tooth mark. I’d call them indestructible and also a waste of money. I’m looking into the goughnut toy though, and the Tuffy soft toys. While I know any sort of soft toy isn’t going to last, she likes to sleep with one.

And not only that, it stimulates your dog’s prey drive – since most small prey is pretty furry. However, the feedback on the length of the handle differs a lot. Some customers say the handle is too short – getting their hand in the way of chuckit ball the dog’s mouth. The easy solution to this is to teach your dog to stand further away from you. The Chuckit indoor launcher arm is shorter than the outdoor versions for obvious reasons. The shorter length reduces the launch distance.

Our 85 pound dog broke the Classic Kong toy at the seam, but he has never been able to destroy the bone. The only other suggestion I’ve gotten from a few different people when it comes to tough toys is Goughnuts toys .

I was so excited to show the Nerf Dog blaster to our dogs. I unboxed it immediately and took it straight outside without even reading the instructions.

We hope this list leads you and your pup to longer and more enjoyable games of fetch. Even the most devoted dog owners get tired of bending over to pick up a slobbery ball for another round of fetch. If that’s you, then there’s no need to be a hero because there’s a snazzy accessory called a ball thrower.

But some owners have reported launching a ball up to 130 ft. So this is definitely NOT a launcher you want to try using indoors. The Max Dog Ball Launcher is a neat unit that gives convenient hands-free pick-up. So you don’t have to deal with slobbery balls and muddy hands. It offers versatile play using either a flying disc or a ball. Perfect for folks with joint issues and back pain to enjoy extended fetch sessions with their dog.

The Throw-n-Go features a carrying slot so you can easily bring along an extra ball. If you like to throw far and have small, delicate hands that require a soft, easy-to-grip handle, the Hyper Pet Throw-n-Go might be exactly what you need.

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I read somewhere that it’s good to size up so that your dog can fit his snout in the hole easier and doesn’t abandon the toy in frustration. I learned about this chew toy, made from real fire hose, through a friend with a Labradoodle. It’s not indestructible, but it is very tough — Reggie eventually managed to chew it open, but only after a year of working on it almost daily. Soon after we adopted Ada , we learned we had a serious gnawer on our hands. The Nylabone’s slim shape tucks easily into her travel carrier when we head out to visit family, and it keeps the peace while we’re there. The classic design makes for some pretty adorable moments, too. It comes in a couple of flavors, but of the two we’ve bought, the original flavor is the one in heavy rotation.

Also perfect for playtime, Chewy’s rope body can handle some light chewing. Available in four sizes so that no doggie is left out, ChuckIt! Ball Launchers so that even weak-armed owners can throw long distances and tire out their pets. The adorable and very purple Spencer The Crinkle Monkey from ZippyPaws is perfect for dogs that want to be seen AND heard. We fill these with peanut butter, freeze them, and give them to our dog as a snack or to keep him busy when we leave the apartment.

The launcher body might be too ridged for someone who has an injury or disability. The ball can be upgraded to a Max Glow Pro ball. Quick charge – 5 to 10 minutes for 20 to 30 minutes of play.

He caught a stick once and it caught in his mouth! I believed he was ok but wound up with a large goiter in his throat and wanted antibiotics. That was the last time he was allowed to fetch sticks. First, let’s speak in regards to the lovable design. You may challenge your canine’s search skills by stuffing the sharks contained in the boat, so your dog can dig them out and produce them back to you.

In their process, every toy is hand-drawn and then brought to life with the best materials and stitched together with love and care. Zippy Paws offers a range of plush and non-plush toys that are made to last. You can stuff your own treats into the Kong or use Kong’s easy treats! To make it more fun for your dog, try freezing the Kong with peanut butter inside for 4 to 6 hours before giving it to your pup.

The Football perfect for pickup games in the backyard, or, you know, just a quick fetch. The toy is mint-scented and measures 6.75-inches in length. The Zisc is soft, so Rex can catch it in midair without hurting his teeth, but it flies just like hard plastic. It’s also BPA- and Phthalate-free, non-toxic, and FDA compliant, which means it very safe, even for doggies that love to chew.